Manawatu Cycle Challenge

The event, held on the 18th of February, consisted of a number of road bike rides varying from 37km to 144km along with kids’ off-road routes with about 150 entries this year.

In addition to supporting the "Truck Stops Heavy Hitters” 144km route Truck Stops borrowed a Mack and a Volvo from MTD to communicate the "Share the Road” message highlighting blindspots around trucks.

The support team for Truck Stops comprised of Aaron Skinner, Bevan Spark, Doug Peace, Marc Winterburn, Rahul Chand and Toni Julian from the PDC, Mark Grundel from Branch 50 and Penny Hendry from the Health & Safety team along with additional help from their families.

Having set up the route on the Saturday Aaron and Ra lead the route in a Truck Stops liveried Peugeot, with the latest LED beacons courtesy of Hella. Mark and Bevan manned the sweep vehicle at the rear. Penny and Toni looked after the finish line and Marc and Doug manned the "Share the Road” stand.

It was a very warm and sunny day with a nasty north westerly impacting the first half of the ride. The fastest rider on the 144km ride was Carne Groube in 3 hours 46 minutes, a huge achievement considering the weather.

Barry Webb from the Health & Safety team survived the 144km ride which he proclaimed to be "the hardest bxxxdy ride I have ever done”. Barry has ridden Taupo eight times so it must have been tough.

Truck Stops merchandise was handed out as part of the spot prize haul at the end of the event.

The take home message for a number of families there on the day was an awareness of truck blindspots and how to behave around large vehicles. A number of children (and parents) enjoyed the experience of climbing into a new Mack Trident and getting a driver’s view of the outside world.