The Truckstops team is focused on getting your truck on the road as fast as possible - and keeping it there. We have an air drier exchange kit that provides everything you need to service your Hino air drier quickly and efficiently.

Our kit includes a fully reconditioned air drier cartridge with water separator so we can swap the cartridge in next to no time. The appropriate filter and o-rings are provided along with a purge valve to ensure your brake lines are moisture free.

Our exchange programme is also great for the environment as the cartridges are returned to the programme and reused.

Efficient & environmental friendly Hino Air Drier Kit for 500/700 series which provides quick Hino service


Reconditioned air drier cartridge
Water Separator
Purge valve
O-rings and filters
Heavy duty plastic box

Will fit selected 500 & 700 Series models.

How can we help?

We want to help you get back on the road ASAP. Talk to your local Truckstops branch about how our exchange kits can help you.

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